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Our Story

As uneventful as it may sound, it all started on a double-decker dirtbag couch with a group of five roommates drinking beer and watching ski movies on YouTube after work. It was never meant to be a business. We just wanted to spread stoke for the upcoming snow season and make people laugh. In the beginning, we had no graphics, no products, no website, just an instagram with some photos that were funny (to us). One of the roommates, Jeff Preble, decided to doodle the iconic American Spirits box (with a few tweaks) and we thought it would look sick on a shirt. We printed a handful and sold them to our friends. Eventually, the snow melted, roommates came and went, and the brand went pretty quiet. It was far from a business at this point.

The following winter, Mark ran into a stranger wearing the shirt. He saw how much they loved it--the feeling is hard to describe. It still comes up every time. That feeling motivated Mark to make this thing legit and spread the stoke far and wide.

Running a business is a lot of tedious, unenjoyable BS, but Mark knew this was something special, and couldn't miss this opportunity for creating community around these sports. The community is what keeps us going and seeing how genuinely passionate people are about their sports and the outdoors.

We want to serve the community and inspire people take more calculated risks, feel a sense of belonging, feel free to be completely themselves, find joy, follow curiosity, encourage free thinking and free expression.

We aim to make the stokiest, highest-quality products to fuel your adventures and your antics.